How marketers should capture the attention of today’s consumer?

Introduce your brand name and message quickly, since people often watch mobile video in short bursts when they’re on the go. Don’t forget to include captions so that your video can be easily understood whether people view it with sound on or off.

You can make your content more immersive by creating vertical videos, which take up more space on the screen than horizontal videos when people hold their phones upright. Vertical videos have also been shown to perform better than horizontal videos in terms of ad recall, according to a 2016 analysis of data from 10 advertisers.

How can marketers measure the value of video?

Marketers often look at view duration as a KPI. But duration isn’t a good proxy for attention, and measuring duration alone doesn’t account for the fact that mobile video consumption is often fast, frequent and on the go.

Instead, measuring impact based on business goals—like brand and sales goals—should be marketers’ top priority. Increasingly, we’re seeing advertisers use mobile video to drive and measure sales. From 2016 to 2017, there was a 3.8x increase in advertisers using video in direct response campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.

How can Facebook complement TV?

When marketers want to create a mass marketing campaign, their first impulse is often to advertise on TV during prime time. But now that people are spending less time on traditional TV and more time on mobile, prime time isn’t the only way to access a big audience. Our studies show that Facebook can also achieve significant reach, and often at a lower cost than TV. Facebook can also help marketers reach light TV viewers.

Tips for marketers!

Make sure the video is equally effective whether people view it with sound on or off. Use square or vertical ratio, because it fits with how most people hold their mobile devices. And make sure that a strong brand message and identity features early in the video.

Your consumers view video across multiple channels so use measurement tools that can identity reach overlap, and the impact of video on brand perception across both Facebook and TV.

Metrics such as view duration are important, but also consider how well your video campaigns meet brand and sales goals.

Sources unless stated otherwise: Facebook IQ, Aug 2018.